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The Problem One of my favourite parts of food blogging is food photography. I get so much satisfaction out of photographing a mouth-watering brownie, a chocolate cake, or a cookie that is sweet cutter. But good food photography is not about shooting an great picture; at least 50 percent of a wonderful food photo comes from good editing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked about the way I edit my photographs. And the truth is, there are not many excellent food editing tutorials available on the market. And even as soon as you discover a great editing technique, it can easily take 10 minutes per photo to execute. That’s where Photoshop activities come in. Actions? What Are People? Photoshop actions are a pair of prerecorded Photoshop commands. Actions are applied to a photo in one click to produce a fully edited image. Actions are especially helpful when you’re editing multiple images with the same or corresponding edits. They’re helpful in producing a body of work that seems unified and professional. Plus they also give your pictures that soda that you can only get through Photoshop, but with none of the hassle. The Option I have surfaced with my great friends at FilterGrade to make a custom set of Photoshop Actions perfect for meals photography. It requires all get these 10 free photoshop actions to start your instagram blogging of 20 seconds to select in the RAW image to your completely edited photo. All you will need is Photoshop and this completely absolutely free download of 4 meals photography actions created by yours truly. Below are examples of those actions at work. Contrary to other downloadable filters, these actions are designed to operate specifically with meals photography. They don’t look overly filtered– rather they obviously enhance the curves, colour, and contrast of your photos. Using Your Actions So if you are trying to get started, make sure you download the activities here, follow this quick tutorial on the best way to start using your own actions! 1. Download the actions onto your computer. 2. Open up the image you’ll be editing in Photoshop. 3. Select Window > Actions . Click the little arrow and lines in the top right corner of their activity window and choose Load Actions. Read for the file you just downloaded (BB & FilterGrade Free Photoshop Actions. Atn) and click on it. Update– here’s a zoomed-in version of where you click to start the drop-down menu: The actions will then load in the activity box. 5. Pick the actions you would like to use by clicking on it, then click on the Play button to load the action. Your actions will then load to your photograph